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Avoiding The Busy Label

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Often, people ask me what do you think is the biggest obstacle to becoming more productive while still feeling balanced? I believe it's a person's self perception. They think their value is based on how busy they are. Many people wear busy like it's a badge of honor. In fact, the words we use with each other encourage this thinking. How many times have you heard or asked someone something like this? "How are you? Keeping busy?" But being busy is a bit like rowing a boat with one oar in the water. Yes, you're getting a lot done and there's a lot of activity, but you might just be going in circles. Shift your perspective to the value you're creating, in other words, what you accomplish and the quality of your work. If you can create high quality work in less time, then you have greater balance and feel successful while being less busy.

Rather than using a to-do list, cultivate a to-don't list. These are the activities you often find yourself doing in the name of being busy, but that really aren't productive. Common to-don't list items include running unnecessary errands, researching valueless information, excessive worry and side projects that lead nowhere. Often, taking an hour for reflection and asking "What are the things I want to stop doing?" will produce interesting results. You may find it helpful to ask trusted friends or colleagues, as they may have noticed unproductive patterns in your day. So take a moment to consider what one thing can you do to be a little less busy today? What's one thing you can add to your to-don't list?

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