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What is Online Marketing Strategy

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In this tutorial, you'll learn how to build an effective digital strategy for your project. If you want to get more online sales, make your internet marketing effective and ensure all your channels work in harmony with each other, this tutorial is for you. We have been working in digital marketing for over 12 years, and we are also a major Google partner and a Facebook marketing partner. I will share my agency's knowledge of digital marketing that we have accumulated over the last 12 years.

Why is having a good strategy an important part of your success? Without a good strategy, your marketing campaign will have no direction. You'll keep shooting yourself in the foot with avoidable mistakes, and you won't get the results you want. Now you may be asking yourself, what qualifies as a good strategy? Over the years, my company has narrowed down good strategy to 7 questions.
In this tutorial, we'll examine these seven questions and help you answer them. So that you too can be successful in your marketing efforts in the future. The first question is, "Who are we?" The answer to this question consists of your company's mission and vision of its values. The second question is, "What do we offer?" This question refers to the products or services we provide to our customers. The third question is, "Where are you now?" Answering this question involves using the right competitor analysis tools to learn more about your competitors so you can understand where you stand in the market and how market dynamics change over time. The next question is, why? Why do we go online to market products, What results can we expect, how do we measure these results, and how do we determine which web analytics tools are best suited for our purposes. The next question is, who is our target audience? The "who" are the people who visit your site to buy your products. Later we will discuss how to use internet analytics tools to define your target audience and what they like. Okay the next question is "How?" Answering these questions can help you figure out how to get your target audience to your website. Do we need to use social networks, search ads and mail? Do we need to create a website, or do we need to use a mobile app? We will consider all this in detail, and as a result we will form a proper media plan. The last question is, how do we optimize our marketing strategy.
Marketing is not an exact science. You can measure everything, but it's hard to predict the results. We need to experiment, form hypotheses and evaluate the results constantly. You'll learn all about this in this tutorial, too. Now let's see what an internet marketing strategy looks like in tabular form. Let's try to fill in this table correctly. As a result, you will get a detailed analysis of your strategy that can be used to communicate effectively with your digital managers and digital agencies. It will also help you apply the strategy in a systematic manner for all your internet marketing channels. A digital marketer must form the table correctly because it is the basis for building a complete strategy. The 7 questions we talked about earlier were included in this table, and now you will see them in practice.
The first tab we'll look at is company mission. If you have already formed your company mission, go ahead and enter it into this tab. If you're not sure what your company's mission is, discuss it thoroughly with your team. Your company mission is about what drives your company or why it exists.
The second tab is your unique selling proposition. This tab is about why people should buy your products and not your competitors, and what specifically sets your products apart from the rest.
The third tab we will focus on is competitive analysis. By browsing the Competitive Analysis Tab, you will understand your competitors' current strengths and weaknesses, your position in the market environment, and market dynamics. It's good to think of this tab as a kind of magic boost for your company. This is because it can give you a head start in the process of promoting your resource.
The 4th tab is about measuring results using key performance indicators or KPIs. This will give you an idea of how to set goals correctly and move from analyzing data to making real sales. From this tab, you will be able to see where inter sales are coming from.

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