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Marketers love to use unique sales propositions, or USP's, to entice customers to buy their products. To summarize USP, I like to replace this with the phrase "Why are we sexy?". Why should customers choose to spend their time and money on us? Why does your business stand out from the rest of your competitors? You can solve this issue by using the principles of the 4P Marketing Matrix. As the title alludes to, there are four key components that you must adhere to. These are product, price, promotion, and place.

By combining these four components, you gain awareness for a particular segment of the audience. As for a particular target client, you can create the value that is lacking in the current market, and this will distinguish you from other companies. This is why "Why are we sexy?" will be the basis for your promotional appeals. This is what you will write in advertising messages in Google ads, your banners in the google display network, your posts on Facebook, Instagram, and your videos on YouTube. All this information is key to answering the question of what we offer, what our product or service is, and what our value is to the market and for our customer. The first two questions about who we are and what we offer are theoretical. Still, at the same time, they allow you to combine your digital strategy and marketing strategy with your future business strategy. In the next lesson, we will practice evaluating the competitive environment and how to understand what your competitors are doing on the Internet.
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