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Knowing about WebPromoExperts's mission

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The first question of digital strategy is, "Who are we?" This is where you tell your audience about your company. It is always important to clearly understand what the company is for and its value to the world. Answering this question allows you to combine your digital presence with your offline presence. Everything your company does comes from your mission. Whether it be your marketing pitches on your social network pages, the text you write on your websites, and the mail you send to potential customers, it all comes from your mission. Having a good mission can help ensure that everyone is on the same page within your company, which will help your project run more smoothly. Let's look at examples of good missions. An example of a good mission is Google's mission. If you think back to 1997, when Google started, it is clear that their mission then looked like an unreal, unattainable dream.
Now we can start a conversation with our phone with phrases like "Hi, Siri" or "OK, Google", and we already have access to almost all of the world's information in 1 click or with a few words. OK, so we now know what a good mission looks like. Now let's get into how to form one for ourselves. Authors Trout and Rivkin did a study and looked at how the largest companies form missions for themselves and what words were found most often within them. We can do the same for our mission. Look at your existing mission now. Does your company actually practice what it preaches? Do certain keywords in your mission appear in online texts and in social media? Are you consistently using your mission in your own advertising? If you feel like your mission does not meet these criteria, consider reforming it because choosing a good mission for your company can make or break your advertising campaign. Let's move onto the second tab, what we offer in the market.

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