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Creating Power-down Time

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Earlier in the course, we discussed the finish line, that point where you stop work and begin your personal life. But what if you have a hard time making that transition? Many people do. I do. We need a way to shift our mental gears from work time to personal time. My clients have success by establishing power-down time, a mental and sometimes physical transition time in their daily schedule. There are a few ways to create your own power-down time. One option is a commute. If you're someone who travels to and from work each day, this transition time is naturally built into your schedule. During your

commute back home, I suggest listening to audio books or podcasts related to your personal interests, rather than work such as a hobby or a topic you find entertaining. This encourages your mind to transition away from work toward enjoying personal or relationship time. Another option is exercise, which creates a physical barrier between work and personal life. Many of my clients like to exercise at the end of their work day. Physical activity can help the mind recharge and regenerate. It can help you have more energy and give the best of yourself to your personal time. A third option is a hobby, even just 15 minutes at the end of your day can help you clear your mind and be ready to focus on relationships. Personally, I use video games. They clear my mind from focusing on work so I can spend time with my family. You can use any hobby or past time that holds your interest. Take a moment and consider if you need power-down time. And if so, what's one activity you could add at the end of your work to create a mental gear shift toward your personal time?

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