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Balancing the Technology in Your Life

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One of the more significant challenges to healthy work life rhythm is technology. Now I'm a geek and I love new technology but those beeps, buzzes and glowing screens can get in the way of us feeling balanced. They can quickly drain time and life from our day if we're not careful. So I recommend creating a technology free sanctuary to protect your wellbeing. This is a predetermined, scheduled time of the day or week where you turn off and step away from every tech gadget you have. You may even

choose a location where you'll go, a chair to sit in, a tree to sit under, adding a physical aspect to your sanctuary will make it easier to mentally take a break. There are two benefits to this sanctuary. First, it can help you feel more refreshed and more relaxed. This small pause can open your mind to new ideas and personal inspiration. Second, it can improve your relationships. When you're in the habit of using technology constantly, it's easy to accidentally use it while spending time with others. And when you do that, you're communicating to friends and family that they're less important than that glowing screen. By practicing the habit of setting down tech just for a bit, you'll find it easier to do it in the moments that matter when people need your attention. And when you focus on others, you communicate to them that they do matter, and they are important. Take a moment right now and look at your weekly schedule. When are one or two recurring times where you can set up a technology free sanctuary?

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